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To Rant about Ranting

It has been a while since I have had a little rant, I do like to rant but only to describe why ranting is so good for the soul. There are times that you come to a point in your life that you want to climb a mountain and scream your frustrations to the world. Unfortunately, that seems to be counterproductive in the public arena of life.

Seven years ago, I started my path on Ranting about the rant, it was very therapeutic as it allows me to write down the feeling of my I rant without the emotional attachments to the rant itself.

The History of the Rant

I have delved into the meaning of the word ‘rant’, how it was derived from ranten which originated from the Dutch word from the late 16th century or the fact there are five words in German, which mean to rant, four in Spanish and only two in French. Does this make the English language is more efficient than the Germans or does it say that our rants are just more annoying!?

Why I do like to rant about ranting without pointing out other ranters and how they choose to spend their time ranting. It’s merely that you can express words on a page without the preconceptions of actual meaning. Reasons and purpose don’t seem as crucial like facts and truth or even falsehoods and lies.

Inner Thoughts by Rince

It is good without the drama of knowing the inner thoughts of the subject that no one cares about lacking the sincere conviction of your happy place. So go out there and rant away those meaningless meanings of nothing but everything except for the lack of excitement of brilliance.

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