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Searching for the right voice

Since I have been listening to audiobooks, I have been wondering how my books would be as audiobooks. From my publisher and many others think my voice would be the best, but I am no voice actor. I want someone who is professional and can bring the level of emotions and nuances to my characters and worlds.

I have been picturing for my book, Lake Merrin and the Great Spoon Heist, a pure voice with a bit of sarcasm hinted in his affections. If I really went out of my way, I would choose, James Marsters who did the narration for Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden Files. I think his voice would be perfect for Lone, but I am a poor indie author, that is a pipe dream.

So that brings me back to the drawing board, who to look for to capture the world of Lake Merrin. Someone who is not afraid to be witty and self-deprecating or throwing out random thoughts. Also needs to have enough range to interpret the other characters. Joan Stillwater, she needs an authoritarian voice but with friends a softness, especially talking to WayWocket.

WayWocket is another issue, his personality needs to have a range that could switch between insane genius to a sociopathic scientist. Gunnar is probably the easiest, he is gruff and sullen with sparks of respect with Joan. Also, he needs a buried hatred to half-breeds like Lone as he is racist as heck.

While my other series, FableLands has a character that is based on one of my role-playing days, James and ‘Jimy’. I don’t think I could let anyone else do his voice but the rest of the cast, wouldn’t have a clue who to cast as their voice actors.

The journey to find the right one is going to be hard, even listening to some sample clips doesn’t show me their scope. If my magical actor can handle this, then he is hired, by luck, it happens to be Mr Marsters, we are all good.

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