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Many stories blossom from the folk of Favinonia, from myths and legends to recent heroic acts of now. All will be uncovered in Favinonian Tales.

Set two weeks after the events of Lake Merrin.

At a stately dinner at Count Darel's Mansion, WayWocket discovers that there was fake silver cutlery at the high table.

After hearing this information and realising he could use it to gain favour with the Count, Klaus Handwerk, an up-and-coming lumber merchant, hires the Rejects to find the source of these forgeries.

Delve into this new adventure with Joan Stillwater, Gunner Nessuno of the Green, WayWocket Basteln and Lone Solo as they find out there is more at stake than just cutlery.

The Great Spoon Heist: Favinonian Tales Book 1

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