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He is a face in the crowd; a nobody, but with every story, there is a beginning.

Travel with this ordinary half-human as he works to find a roof over his head, to put food on the table and stumbles on something beyond his reckoning.
This is his journey; this is his path. His Journal. A Journal of an Adventurer.
Should he stand up to become a "hero"?

...Will it matter?

Lake Merrin is a city in the North-Western part of Western Duchy, Favinonia. It is also known as Iron Dukedom. Duke Trahern Isenhart III is the ruler of Iron Dukedom, and his third cousin Count Darel Isenhart is the ruler of Lake Merrin, and it’s county.

Lake Merrin is home to twenty thousand people, and it has the second oldest Adventuring Hall in Favinonia; nearly nine hundred years old.

Lake Merrin

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