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There are legends of heroes, but were they born or created? Is there a spirit that connects the heroes of the past to the next generation? 
In these three stories, you start to explore the journey of such heroes. Each Arc is different. What makes a hero - talent, intelligence or strength? No, it is a choice to become one.

Captured and bound in a dark room, separated from the rest of the Arcs. Even though each of the heroes is alone, their connection to the FableLands is faint but still there.

Each has a unique way telling the story,

Kayla: Genius is a daydreamer, always thinking the impossible. 
Briana: Knight is the leader and beacon of honour and hope.
Ciro: Founder, twin to Kayla is the inventor, strategist; analytical, a perfectionist

Will each of them find a way to escape? Find out in Interrogation.

FableLands Interroation Part 1

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