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In part two, the story delves into questioning what makes a monster, and is it so different from a hero? This book blurs those lines.

In these three stories, you start to explore the journey of such heroes. 

Sammy: Trickster, born to power stronger than he could ever imagine. But should he have claimed this or does the power have a claim to Sammy?
Jamila: Lover, she is the most powerful of all the Arcs, but if she loses control, all hell breaks loose. Should she fear herself?
James: Giant, Huge, massive, scary, stupid. These are the words James hears every day, his Arc Jimy will stand up for him, but it will never change. James will always be feared as he is a monster in his mind.

Find out if they choose the light or the dark, in FableLands: Interrogation Part Two.

FableLands Interroation Part 2

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