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The Great Spoon Heist
Favinonian Tales Book One


Many stories blossom from the folk of Favinonia, from myths and legends to recent heroic acts of now. All will be uncovered in Favinonian Tales.

Set two weeks after the events of Lake Merrin.

At a stately dinner at Count Darel's Mansion, WayWocket discovers that there was fake silver cutlery at the high table.

After hearing this and to gain favour with the Count, Klaus Handwerk, an up-and-coming lumber merchant, hires the Rejects to find the source of these forgeries.

Delve into this new adventure with Joan Stillwater, Gunner Nessuno of the Green, WayWocket Basteln and Lone Solo as they find out there is more at stake than just cutlery.


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With 31 years of creating, writing and storytelling as a hobby, Samuel thought it was time to fulfil a dream he only just acquired. In 2015, he quit his job as a chef of 17 years, due to several factors one being a full-time carer for his mother and the lack of creativity in his life.

Over the last two years, he has accumulated many relationships in the writing world which have to lead him to become a mentor, public speaker, teacher, promoter of fellow authors and he also volunteers his time for various writing groups situated on the Gold Coast i.e. Gold Coast Novel Writers, Writers Activation and has just been re-elected as Social Media Manager for the Gold Coast Writers Association.

Along with publishing a series of short reads - FableLand: Interrogation and his first major novel, Lake Merrin.

Samuel continues the development of FableLands: Fugitive sequel to Interrogation, The Great Spoon Heist, companion novella to Lake Merrin and it's sequel Bloody Coin.

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